Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Note to self:

Our instant gratification society has done me a disservice. I am disillusioned about the idea of being in process and disappointed when I don't do things perfectly the first time. God never leaves my side when I experience hardship nor does He stop loving me, as I sometimes conclude, when I endure trials or suffering. He knows the best path for the best outcome. And He's proud of me when I have the courage, and what sometimes feels like the audacity, to step out and test my wings, learning from every mistake and being perfected through the practice of trial and error.

I don't expect our kids to just stand up and walk without going through a process first. And I don't scold them when they fall. I cheer them on at every single little step and encourage them to keep trying until they get it right. So it is with my Heavenly Father towards me. 

Be confident in His love. Try. Make mistakes. Fail. Learn and put it into practice. But keep coming back to Him until you get it right. He who promised is faithful. Faithful to complete the good work He started in you. The emphasis is on Him anyways, not you. His goodness. His faithfulness. His ability to transform. He is the Potter, I am His clay. So get your eyes off yourself and fix them on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of your faith. Set your mind on things above and run as one aiming to win the prize.